Friday, August 21, 2009


While Eric had to get back to Hawaii, Connor, Pearce and I stayed in Arizona to spend more time with family. It was Kelsey's birthday weekend, and Jane made creme brule french toast for breakfast. Kelsey decided she really wanted to spend the weekend camping in Sedona.

Around the table from left to right: Pearce, Travis, Kelsey, Jane, Connor.

While we packed up the camping gear and food, Connor swam.

Mostly Jumping rather than swimming.

Driving into Sedona.

Our first stop in Sedona was to cool off at the natural water slides. Walking up to the slide rock we stopped to enjoy the beauty. Wendi and Pearce.

At slide rock. I love that Pearce is trying to wink.

The gang. From left to right: Pearce, Jane, Connor, Wendi, Cortney, Kelsey and Travis.

Pearce and Wendi.

Down the rock slide they go!

Connor and Kelsey

From the rock slides to the camp ground to set up for the night.

From left to right: Cortney, Wendi, Pearce, Kelsey, Travis, and Connor.

Grandma Jane cooking up...

London broil. The Phillips only eat the best, even on a camp out!

Legendary steak tomatoes from Grandpa Taylor's garden in Utah.

Thanks Jane!

Dinner guests.

Connor builds the fire. S'mores anyone?

We all fit in the tent!

Pearce is all smiles and ready for his breakfast.

A hike.

The top of the vortex.

The view.


On the way back to Phoenix, we stopped in Pine to visit Uncle Jay and Aunt Tammy who are building their cabin.

Pearce and Wendi feeding Aunt Tammy's horses.

From left to right: Connor, Pearce, Wendi, Cortney, and Kelsey.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kelsey turns 20!

We rushed back to Arizona just in time to meet up with the family for Kelsey's 20th birthday celebration. I can't believe Kelsey is twenty. Ironically, the first time I met Kelsey was at her 12th Birthday celebration. The years do fly by when you're having fun.

Around the table from left to right; Travis, Kelsey, Eric, Wendi, Todd, Camille, Connor, Jane, David, and GG.

Monday, August 17, 2009


The day after we returned from Lake Powell we made a special visit to see my Grandma and Grandpa Boyle in California. It was the first time my Grandpa met Eric. We had a great time catching up. I love Grandparents!

Grandpa and Grandma Boyle took us to the Mexican Restaurant that they toke my Mom to when she was a kid. My Grandparents have been going there to eat for over forty years.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lake Powell Trip

Phillips yearly Lake Powell Trip on the house boat Lotta Options. August 2009.

Found our regular spot out at Last Chance.

The gang, minus Noah (Connor's friend) who is taking the picture.

Picture perfect spot.

The sisters. Camille, Wendi and Kelsey.

Pearce double checks the anchor.

The boys go for a hike. Noah, Connor and Pearce.

Pearce and Joci.

Pearce, Joci and Brin with tutu homemade babies.

Tubing with Pearce and Jocelyn.

Yeah. No hands.

Connor and Noah take a turn.

Tutu and Papa Phillips with almost all there grandkids.
Joci, Brinly, Amellia and Pearce.


Pearce swimming with his swim muscles.

Exploring with Tutu.

Connor head first off the slide.

Pearce's first try at waterskiing.

A kiss from Papa Phillips for good luck.


Yeah Pearce!

Connor wake boarding.



Eric trick'n.

Eric flip'n.

Wendi wake surfing.