Friday, September 24, 2010

The rock wall part 2

The construction of our rock wall was an effort only slightly bested by the Ming Dynasty's so-called "Great" Wall. Seriously. What a pain. The permitting process alone was enough for us to consider moving away from the third-world bureaucracy that is Honolulu City and County. If you don't know somebody on the inside...good luck. And then there was the Tongan mafia. We went through 11 "contractors" before finally going Samoan. But. It's done. Well, almost. We still need another load of dirt/fill. Then we can finally begin landscaping and hopefully stop Pearce from nagging us each day about getting him some grass and a trampoline.

Phase one. The foundation. This is the wall in our backyard.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nine months

This is one big baby.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A month before the baby was due

We just got back from living in Vietnam for three months and I had less than two months to get ready to have baby. My Mom and Connor came for a quick visit to help.

Grandmama Piller, Connor and Pearce just before we jumped into the Volvo and sped off to the airport. I am wondering why this was the only picture we took for whole visit. Maybe because I was nine months prego.

After a full day of playing with Grandmama and Connor, Pearce passes out in seconds.

Took a picture of myself to prove I was still smiling at nine months!

It was fun to buy little pink onies with my Mom.

I had been so busy getting things ready for the baby, thinking she would be three weeks early like her brothers, unfortunately putting Pearce on a mini vacation from home school. But he still drew and wrote cards for family and friends birthdays.

For Papa Piller.

For Grandmama Piller.

For our neighbor.