Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pearce turns three

Even though Pearce turned 3 more than a month ago, I wanted to honor him with a brief recap of his existence so far. So, here are some highlights:

First day. Honolulu Hawaii.

First Cry.

First Wash. Second Cry.

First nap with Dad. My favorite.

First full day at home. Momma and Baby. I look tired!

First blessing. Honolulu Tabernacle, Hawaii.

First beach day. One month old. Hawaii.

First Shower.

First bubble bath. Arizona.

First taste of real food. An apple.

First taste of human flesh. His toe.

First taste of sand. Hawaii.

First body surfing lesson.

First surfing lesson.

First hike.

First Halloween. Superman.

First Flight as Superman.

First Christmas.

First Disneyland ride.

First tuk. Oh, those baby blues.

First advance.

First Utah grass.

First Houseboat trip to Lake Powell.

First water skiing lesson.

First Jet ski ride.

First birthday Party. Houseboat at Lake Powell.

First snow day. Big Island of Hawaii, Hawaii.

Second snow day. Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.

First Timeout. Coincidentally, first massage.

First hair cut.

First BFF, Eli the Elephant. Also, fondly known as "baby."

Second Birthday.Gymboree, Hawaii.

First show at the theaters that Pearce sat completely thru, "Kung Fu Panda."

First major owies. Phillips Lake House, Arizona.

First solo swim with swim muscles. Our pool, Honolulu.

Second Halloween. Punk Rocker.

First pumpkin.

First Dance with his First Cousin.

First hike Pearce actually hiked. Hawaii.

First blackmail. Don't they look guilty?

First crab and Junk boat ride. Halong Bay, Vietnam.

First Pagoda. The flower, Vietnam.

First Vietnamese wedding. And self-appointed role as Destroyer of the Fan.

First Oyster. Hanoi, Vietnam.

First slide down a sand dune. An Phuoc, Vietnam.

First alpine slide. Da Lat, Vietnam

First elephant ride. Da Lat, Vietnam.

First exploration of Angkor Wat Ruins. Cambodia.

First death camp. God willing, last death camp. Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Second elephant ride. Chiang Mai, Thailand.

First play date with baby tigers. Chiang Mai, Thailand.

First motorcycle ride. Da Lat, Vietnam.
Actually it was in Hanoi--for like three months before this instance--but we have no pictures of him riding there.

First snake bite. Except Pearce was doing the biting. Hanoi, Vietnam.

First experience traveling by boat on the Mekong River through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Different boats for each country of course, for those looking at a map!!!

First time piloting a boat down the Mekong. Somewhere near the Vietnam-Cambodia border.

First grapefruit bowling game. Chau Doc, Vietnam.

Third Halloween. Boxing Champion.

First non-Halloween dress up. He didn't take it off for five days.

First pee-pee!!!

First Easter Egg Hunt

Second kayaking trip. Hawaii. Can't find a picture of his first. He was one years old. We kayaked to Captain Cooks momument on Big Island to snorkel. Pearce screamed the entire time because he thought I had left him forever. Since then he has loved kayaking.

First s'mores on an ocean beach. Hawaii.

First computer, a Mac. Pearce is a whiz on the computer. He should be the next apple commercial!

First tube ride. Phillips Lake House, Arizona.

First Legoland trip.

First Major League baseball game. Spring Training still counts, right?

First swing towards being in the Majors.

First putt-putt.

First dunk.

First snorkel.

First back flip into the 'Pit'

First house, and a preview of the next post. And the reason this was the first post in months.