Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gymnastics 101

Pearce has taken gymnastics for a few month here and there, basically on the months we have been home. And he loves it.

Pearce making a back arch.

Pearce on the bars.

One of Pearce's classes with coach Melissa.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pearce's Bday Party

Pearce like Connor has a summer birthday. And we always happen to be gone somewhere for our summers. And so my kids are never given proper birthday parties with their friends, so this year we surprised Pearce with a early birthday party at Gymboree.

Pearce and Papa with owie.

Connor and Eric start a dodge ball game.

Pearce, Braiden, Max and Eric.

Pearce loves tumbling around.

Some of the action.

Parachut and bubble time.

Pearce blowing out his four candles.

Eating Cake. Left to right; Grandmama, Connor, Pearce, Noelle, Elle, Camiren, Braiden, Max.

Along the back wall; Kelly, Derek, Addison, Papa with owie, and Eric.

Left to right; Joy, Caleb, Cloe, Charmaine, Floradina, Tristan, and Ryan.

Back to our house to open presents.

Batman helicopter.

Batman costume.


A new baseball mitt.

Batman and villian's, Mr. freeze and the Joker.

Spiderman gloves. Last Halloween Pearce was Spiderman. He loved his costume except for the fact that it didn't come with gloves. And since then every time he would wear his Spiderman suite he'd say "if only I had Spiderman gloves".

A scooter.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Connor's bday Party

Connor is turning thirteen, July 10th. But since this summer Eric, Pearce and I will be in Vietnam and Connor will be in Arizona, we decided to throw Connor an early birthday Party.

We went to Leaping Lizards to play around all afternoon. Unfortunatly, all the video footage was taken with our camcorder. It's legendary. When we get back to Hawaii (writing this from Vietnam in the future of the date above), I'll make a video and add it to this page.

Pearce liked to put the helmet on backwards so he couldn't see Connor coming. It added adrenaline, I suppose.

Pearce, Sean and Connor battle it out.

Connors eating his favorite food. Sushi.

Pearce enjoys this never ending noodle

We came home to eat homemade cake. Connor's choice.

This year has been a good year for Connor. He started piano lessons, and found a hidden talent. Even though he is only on book 1 with his lessons, on his own time he goes on Youtube to find tutorials on how to play his favorite songs from artists like Coldplay and Ben Folds. He can play Apologize, 21 Guns, Luckiest, Pholosophy, New divine, Zac and Sarah, and the list goes on and on.... It's so amazing to hear him play such complicated songs. Connor also has been busy with his soccer league and martial arts. He loves his dog Batman. He is the best brother. I am so proud of Connor and excited for his awaiting teenage years. I am a very lucky Mom.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's a girl!

While my parents were visiting I scheduled a surprise ultrasound appointment so they could be a part of the big unveiling of the gender of our baby. I am 17 weeks and 3 days pregnant which is a little early for my second ultrasound. Usually an OB will have you wait till you are 20 weeks, but if I waited my parents would be long gone by then and we would be in Vietnam. Connor and Pearce thought it was a boy. Eric thought it was a girl. My Mom thought it was a boy. My Dad thought it was a girl, and I thought it was a girl. And the ultrasounds says...

The proof

She was facing my back and wouldn't turn around no matter how hard the nurse pushed and prodded and I jumped and shook. It took like an hour to complete the whole process.

Her profile. This one looks just like Pearce's ultrasound profile.

3D. Back of her body. These are a bit creepy.

Our baby girl in motion.

Connor's reaction was, "well okay a girl is good as long as she's not too girlie". I made him a promise that that probably wouldn't happen since I am not a girlie girl.

Pearce's reaction was, "but I picked a boy! Why did you pick a girl?" I answered him, " I didn't pick a girl, Heavenly Father picked a girl". After a long pause Pearce resolves, "Well [sigh]...OK."

Eric was more excited than I was! He called his parents with the news. They where very excited to have a fourth girl grand baby. My Mom and Dad were excited to have their first girl grand baby. My mom has been knitting pink blankets before Pearce was born and now she has someone to give them to! And for me, I couldn't have been more excited or ready for a girl. After two boys, a little girl makes our family feel complete.

Later Eric and I called our Grandparents. All were very excited for us. But the most memmorable response was from my Grandma Boyle ( my mom's mom).

Me: "Hi Grandma, it's Wendi".
Grandma Boyle: " Hey honey".
Me: I am calling to tell you our exciting news!"
Grandma Boyle: " Oh, what's that?"
Me: "We are having a baby girl".
Grandma Boyle: "Oh, I am going to smack your bottom".
Me: [confused but undeterred] "We will be in Vietnam for the summer but will be back home before the baby is due in October."
Grandma Boyle: "Shouldn't you get married first".
Wendi: "I am married".
Grandma Boyle: "What!......Who is this?".
Wendi: "It's Wendi".
Grandma Boyle: "Oh, I thought this was Kayleen".

P.S. Kayleen is my 19 year old, single cousin who is attending college on the east coast. I would have smacked her bottom too if she called me with that kind of news.

We feel so blessed to have another little one come into our family and very excited to share her with the best family ever!