Thursday, July 31, 2008

Alone in Hanoi

This is Eric and it's my first-ever blog entry. Be patient.

I've been in Southeast Asia for almost two weeks. Alone. I'm normally OK by myself for a week. But at about two weeks I quit brushing my teeth, bathing, eating...pretty much give up on life. Wendolyn and Pearce were supposed to join me last night, but because of apparent rampant baby-selling in the Philippines, our rendezvous has been delayed another two days. Why? Because the Philippines is run by schiztophrenics, and Hawaiian Airlines is run by first graders. Wendi arrived at Honolulu airport yesterday only to be informed that she couldn't board the plane without a notarized letter from me stating that it was OK for her to escort Pearce. No joke. She called me, but being 3 a.m. in Hanoi, I was unable to round up a U.S. notary in time. Besides the fact that this rule redefines the meaning of stupid, it would have been helpful to know about it before Wendi arrived at the airport. But neither our travel agent or the airline, in any of its fine print (I've since read through it all), thought to inform us beforehand.

Now Wendi is set to arrive either Saturday or Sunday, depending on if Cebu-freakin-Pacific Airlines erases its Manila-to-Hanoi route. A complete mess. But it's kind of par for the course when you're mixing the Philippines, Vietnam and Hawaii into one pot.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pearce's first solo swim

Pearce is a water boy. He loves it in puddles, in the shower, in a bath, at the beach and in a pool. This weekend we added to his joy by giving him some freedom a.k.a. water muscles, allowing Pearce to swim like the fish he knew he always was. And let there be joy! We made a short film about Pearce's first solo swim on we flix. Check it out.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Finally after several calls to godaddy we have a domain name that works: is our main website. Unfortunately I have yet to work out the kinks for using the site overseas so until then this will be the best way to keep in touch. Or you can always skype: vietphillips.


Connor at the "preteen" age of eleven is on his way to England with family for the rest of the summer. We are missing him already. His witty "Brian Reegan" bits, his infecteous energy and his wild imagination. Naturally Pearce cried when Connor said goodbye at the airport, it was heartbreaking. But at the same time we are so excited for Connor to have his own adventures. So that means it will just be Pearce and I meeting up with Eric in Hanoi Vietnam. Connor please skype as much as you can!!! Love you.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh the confusion

This blog will document the "wephillips" off Island adventures until I figure out how our Mac website works abroad aka outside US. I know it is very inconvenient to have more than one blog and I apologize to all our loyal fans. Our regular site features a more in-depth blog, pixs and flixs: go to or if that one doesn't work than our new domain name kicked in, try Good luck.