Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In Hawaii

So I still have four weeks of our trip to blog. Some of the highlights that are still to come are of other parts of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. But of course I will still be writing about what is happening here in Hawaii too. Sorry if it's confusing.

A couple of days ago, Senator Barack Obama was here visiting his Grandma who is ill. She happens to live across the street from us. Naturally we watched the 20 police bikes parade the Obama’s in and out of our area. We later found out that Obama grew up in that very condo with his Grandparents and Mother.

Like I said before, I am always fascinated by what choices one would have to make to end up in such a circumstance as growing up in Hawaii to running for President of the US. To quench my curiosity I read Obama's Wikipedia. His bio was much too long to post. You will have to read it on your own time, here is the link. One thing I will note, he is well educated. But the funniest thing was how familiar his life was to our life now. Obama's parent came to Hawaii to study at the University of Hawaii Manoa. We also came to live in Hawaii for the same reason. Obama was born in the Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women & Children in Honolulu. Pearce was also born in the Kapi'olani Hospital. Obama grew up on the corner of Punahou Street and Beretania Street. We also have lived on that same corner for the past four years. Obama attended the Punahou School. The school is up the road from us. We hope that Pearce will attend there as well. It's a private school for K-12, rated in the top 10 in the nation. Therefore, not easy to get into and quite expensive. My son Pearce so far is living in the shadow of a Presidential nominee. Wow I wonder what Pearce will be in the future. No pressure Pearce! Seriously I am kidding about Pearce.

It's interesting how an ordinary life can become an extraordinary life over night. Bravo Obama.

P.S. Because I am Canadian, I am neither a republican or demarcate. Also being Canadian means I can't vote in the US. My only attachment to either candidate was formed by a personal experience I’ve had, such as my blog on POW in Vietnam and the blog you just read. I know this is a heated topic for most and it frustrates a few that I sit on the fence. But again, I can, cause I can’t vote. I just try to bring a positive view from both sides.
According to my poll "who has your vote for the next US Pres?" McCain is only winning by a one-point margin. So as our good friend Damon Zollinger would say “get your vote on!”


Amy Piller said...

That is pretty crazy! Can't wait for more updates from your adventures around the world:)

Kyle said...

Should we start calling Pearce "Mr President"...that's cool that you live so close to where Obama grew up...although I am personally hoping he isn't our next president!